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Getting started with affiliate marketing is easy. Well, I say easy, but you can make it very difficult if you don’t stay focused.
You will have no doubt subscribed to almost all the Internet Marketers newsletters and probably spend far too much time opening emails.
You then of course, read one that you just HAVE to take a look at what they are offering. You then check it out, wondering if it is something you should try yourself or something you could promote and receive commissions for.
So, that’s a good hour or more of your day wasted and you haven’t earned a penny.
A quick TIP for using your time better when checking emails.
Create a folder for essential emails, stuff you must check and make a message rule sending all important stuff to this folder.
All other email is now non-essential and can be given a quick glance (no more than 10 minutes) or you can come back to it later when you have been productive.
Talking about emails, whilst not necessarily the number one thing you need, it certainly helps to start to build a list (the money is here, so they tell us) and the number one email service is Aweber.
If you have already started to build a list and haven’t tried Aweber take a look at this video….
So what really is the first thing we need to do to start out with affiliate marketing?
You need to find something to promote.
In my opinion, the easiest thing to do here is look out for an affiliate programme which is selling something you are interested in.
Take a look at the Clickbank Marketplace, which is not the only place to find affiliate products but it is one of the easiest to sign up to.
Find a product you are interested in and check out if it is popular and how much commission you will get.
There we are, simple wasn’t it?
Not quite! You might be interested in cross stitch embroidery, but you will probably find out not many others are, sorry to have ruined your dream.
TIP 2 when starting out, I would not recommend trying to sell to the ‘Make Money’ brigade, as these are probably already affiliates themselves and will just change your hoplink for their own. I know it is a despicable thing for someone to do, but it is done and that is always going to be a problem for the newbie marketer.
Even link cloaking will not defeat the affiliate, who should be thanking you for showing him such a good thing by buying through your link.
No, most products that are being mass-produced, mass publicised and mass sold (even though they only will sell 100 copies):) will have a link somewhere on the page for affiliates to sign up, voila, your commission down the toilet.
Find a product that you like, research the product and whether people are buying this type of stuff.
Repeat the above until you have around 5 good products you think would sell well.
For my research, I use Market Samurai. It has a lot of great paid features, but you can use the keyword tool for free at the Market Samurai site….. (yes that is an affiliate link to a darn good product. IMHO)

Lesson 2

Try to follow someone who is successful and I don’t mean someone who tells you they are successful just to sell you the next best thing.
One such person, who I have been on her mailing list for years is Liz Tomey. Liz has had lots of success with affilite marketing and PLR Products and has a number of good courses to suit your tastes and more importantly your pocket.
One such course is her ‘My 7 Day Income Workshop’. It is agreat place to start and should get you receiving commissions in no time (well at least in 7 days).
You have to take action though as there is no such thing as a fully automated money making system, so stop looking for it. You have to be prepared to put the work in to get anything out.
Check out Liz’s workshop here…..